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Don’t settle for a job out of search frustration.  Achieve the career you deserve.

Executives seeking to change positions, develop and implement career advancement strategies or looking for new employment transition opportunities are encouraged to explore our on-line resources.

Since 1995, Stewart, Cooper & Coon has provided career transition, executive coaching, employment services, career counseling, placement advice and recruiting services to thousands seeking professional employment help.  Individuals in search contact us to change jobs, gain needed career assistance and for help to land their next career opportunity. Our successes with those in employment transition are well documented in our clients’ own words…and we proudly present them for your review.

We are in daily contact with Fortune 1000-listed companies through our Placement and Recruiting Groups.  Our contacts with these prestigious firms are some of the reasons that SC&C clients in executive search are placed so quickly.  Our commitment to serving serious career seekers, at all levels in their process, is apparent in our content-rich site, newsletter, blog and on-line materials.  Senior executives are served through our Executive Placement Solutions; those early in their careers may opt for our group Webinars; all career seekers can benefit from our SC&C blog, our bi-monthly newsletter, The Gladiator and Fred Coon’s excellent search process guide, Ready, Aim, Hired,  that helps all who are in career transition. 

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